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Land Disputed

The law in India that governs how real estate disputes are settled is the Transfer of Property Act. This Act is in charge of governing the transfer...

Family Matter

Indian family law cases frequently involve the dissolution of marriage. Parental Rights and Child Custody. Protection from Domestic Violence Orders.

Civil Matter

Each lawsuit is started when the plaintiff submits a court-required plaint. A pleading called a plaint is submitted. The court registers the matter...


Matrimonial law, particularly in the context of family law, relates to issues pertaining to marriage and married life. Typically, it covers topics like...

Civil Advocate

An advocate must confidently submit his case to the judge. Both the court's and the legal profession's dignity must be upheld by him.


A civil suit is one in which one or more parties are accused of breaking the civil law. Instances of civil lawsuit arise when one person wrongs another.


By agreement of the parties, a disagreement is presented to one or more arbitrators through the arbitration process, who then render a legally binding judgement...

Non litigation

Non-litigation is a non-litigation or compromise attempt to find a mutually beneficial solution. The presence of a neutral third party is not to decide a dispute...

Property case

In terms of cases involving property, Indian Civil Law is fairly broad. Cases involving property refer to any disagreements regarding ownership, possession