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Late Mr. C. K. Shah

Late Mr. Chunilal Kodarlal Shah(1924-1980) stands as the pioneering figure within our family and serves as the esteemed founder of our distinguished law firm. His legacy extends beyond the realms of law and politics, encompassing the roles of an eminent lawyer and influential politician during his era. Notably, he assumed the position of the Third Chairman at "The Himmatnagar Nagrik Sahkari Bank Limited" and played integral roles as a committee member in various cooperative societies. Despite his illustrious career in advocacy, Mr. Chunilal Kodarlal Shah led a life characterized by unwavering piety and a strict adherence to the principles of Jainism. These profound values and ethical standards were deeply instilled in the lives of his descendants, serving as a moral compass that guides their professional conduct. Consequently, clients entrust our law firm with unwavering confidence, free from hesitation or doubt. Mr. Chunilal Kodarlal Shah's legal acumen particularly shone in the domain of civil law. His expertise extended to matters involving Co-Operative Societies, the Bombay Public Trust Act, and Rent Act issues. His enduring legacy reverberates through the corridors of our law firm, molding its character and defining its principles.

Mr. S. C. Shah

Mr. Sureshbhai Chunilal Shah, an eminent legal practitioner in Sabarkantha District, has garnered a stellar reputation as a senior and leading lawyer. Graduating with a Bachelor of Laws from Sardar Patel College, his illustrious career began with the stewardship of his father's legal practice in Himmatnagar, where he swiftly established himself as an exceptional legal professional and a worthy scion of his esteemed lineage. At present, Mr. Shah stands as a preeminent authority in matters pertaining to the Co-Operative Societies Act, representing clients with a remarkable success rate exceeding 90%. His consistently high client satisfaction underscores his legal prowess and commitment to delivering exceptional legal services. In addition to his specialization in Co-Operative Societies Act matters, Mr. Shah boasts a diverse legal practice encompassing Civil Execution Matters, where his firm handles the majority of Civil Execution Petitions across the district on behalf of esteemed banking institutions. His legal acumen extends to various other domains, including Divorce Law, Civil Law, Criminal Law, Revenue-Property Law Matters, Rent Act Matters, Banking Law Matters, Insurance Matters, Negotiable Instruments Act Cases, Money suits under Order XXXVII CPC, Bombay Public Trust Act Matters, Land Acquisition Matters, Property Partition Suits, Dowry Cases/Family Law Matters, and all facets of Matrimonial Matters, including Criminal Complaints. Mr. Shah's contributions extend beyond his legal practice; he is a founding member of the Himmatnagar Taluka Advocates' Credit & Savings Co-Operative Society and serves as a trustee for Jainacharya Anandghansuri Vidhyalay in Himmatnagar, Sabarkantha.

Mr. M. S. Shah

Mr. Manish Shah, a distinguished legal practitioner, has carved an illustrious career path within the legal landscape of India. Hailing from Himmatnagar, Mr. Shah boasts an exceptional educational pedigree, holding a Bachelor's degree in Commerce and a Bachelor of Laws, both conferred upon him by the prestigious institution in Ahmedabad. His legal journey is underscored by unwavering determination and unshakeable confidence, characteristics that have empowered him to emerge as an outstanding luminary in the realm of law. Commencing his legal voyage on June 20th, 2008, Mr. Shah embarked on a trajectory of professional excellence under the mentorship of the late Shri Girishbhai D. Bhatt, an eminent Advocate. His professional purview encompasses a diverse array of legal domains, encompassing Civil Court, Criminal Court, Labour Court, Board of Nominee, Co-Operative Tribunal, Revenue Court, Charity Commissioner, Consumer Forum, and various appellate courts. This multifaceted practice underscores his versatility and his readiness to tackle intricate legal issues spanning a wide spectrum. A pivotal milestone in Mr. Manish Shah's illustrious career is his appointment as the standing counsel for the Gujarat State WAQF (AUQAF) Board at the exalted Gujarat High Court. This distinguished role substantiates his legal proficiency and unwavering dedication in representing governmental entities and institutions in complex legal matters. It further cements his standing as a revered legal practitioner. Mr. Shah's ascendancy to professional eminence stands as a beacon of inspiration for budding legal aspirants and seasoned practitioners alike. His tireless commitment, legal sagacity, and steadfast adherence to ethical norms have undeniably contributed to his ascendancy within the legal fraternity. The wisdom gleaned from the experiences and principles exemplified by such stalwarts is invaluable for those treading the path of jurisprudence. It underscores the significance of discipline, relentless skill refinement, and the unswerving adherence to ethical precepts within the legal profession. The journey of Mr. Manish Shah serves as a resounding testament to the zenith that can be achieved through resolute determination, erudition, and an unwavering dedication to the pursuit of justice.

About Firm

Our Law Firm is appearing for the clients of all over India, in the practice areas of Divorce Advocate Law, Civil Advocate Law, Criminal Advocate Law, Family Property Disputes Law Matters, Co-Operative Law Matters, Rent Act Matters, Banking Law Matters, Insurance Matters, Civil Debt Recovery Cases, Negotiable Instruments Act Cases, Money suit under order XXXVII CPC, Transfer petition in High Court, Best Criminal Advocate & Civil Advocate writ Petition in High Court, Bombay Public Trust Act Matters, Land Acquisition Matters, Public Interest Litigation (PIL), Property Partition Suit, DRT Cases, Comapny Matters, Dowry Cases/Family Law Matters & All kind of Matrimonial Matters, Quashing Petition, Criminal Complaints, We are also handeling Commercial Courts matter as well as Commercial Division and Appellate Division matters before the Hon'ble High Court of Gujarat etc.

Manish Shah Law Firm has been holistic approach towards clients with respect of any law related queries. We have dynamic vision, foresight and insight. Our Law Firm always has an advisionary board a "Think Tank" for our client's queries and for cases.

Manish Shah have the support and backing of a team comprising of skilled technical persons to handle the matters. The present Law firm has well experienced staff and a chain of lawyers attending different branches of Law to serve the best to the clients. The clientele of this Law firm includes well-established Corporate Business houses, Companies and many other corporate clients.

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